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Founder/Managing Partner


Karem began her legal career in 1996 as a Legal Assistant at the Law Office of Adalsinda Lomangino, P.A. It was during this time that she developed a deep interest in the legal field and decided to pursue further education. In 1997, she went back to school to complete her education, earning a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University, expanding her knowledge and understanding of the justice system. 


Motivated to expand her knowledge and make a greater impact, Karem enrolled in St. Thomas University School of Law, to earn her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. While in law school, Karem worked for as a Hearing Officer for the State of Florida’s Unemployment Compensation Unit.

After successfully completing her legal studies, she was admitted to the Bar and became a licensed attorney in 2004 Karem's initial focus was immigration law, where she worked as an Associate Attorney, helping clients navigate the complexities of immigration matters. However, Karem's passion for justice and her desire to assist clients in various legal areas led her to broaden her practice of law. 

She shifted her attention to bankruptcy law, where she gained invaluable experience representing clients facing financial challenges and guiding them through the intricacies of the bankruptcy process. Her dedication and commitment to her clients' best interests quickly earned her a reputation for providing excellent legal representation. 

As Karem continued to expand her legal horizons, she found herself increasingly involved in family law cases. Recognizing the emotional and personal nature of such matters, she developed a compassionate approach to help clients through the emotional turmoil of Family Law matter. Her ability to empathize with her clients and guide them through these challenging times earned her their trust and respect.


In 2007, Karem opened the Hadjez Law Firm, which allowed her to provide personalized legal representation and build strong relationships with her clients. In 2008, Karem joined forces with Michaelle Gonzalez Paulson, Esq. (elected to the bench as a member of the judiciary in 2010) and together they created the Law Center of South Florida, P.A.

Throughout her career, Karem has consistently emphasized the importance of mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods to her clients. She firmly believes that empowering clients to make their own decisions through mediation allows them to reach mutually beneficial resolutions, particularly in family law cases. By encouraging mediation, Karem has demonstrated her commitment to achieving amicable solutions while minimizing the financial and emotional burden on her clients. Karem's dedication to the practice of law, her commitment to her clients' best interests, and her passion for justice have solidified her reputation as a skilled and compassionate attorney.

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